Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Main Charactersp. xi
Currency in Italy in 1500p. xiii
Note Regarding the Coverp. xiii
Primary Periods of Leonardo's Lifep. xiii
Timelinep. xiv
Introduction I Can Also Paintp. 1
Chapter 1Childhoodp. 11
Chapter 2Apprenticep. 23
Chapter 3On His Ownp. 68
Chapter 4Milanp. 91
Chapter 5Leonardo's Notebooksp. 105
Chapter 6Court Entertainerp. 112
Chapter 7Personal Lifep. 129
Chapter 8Vitruvian Manp. 140
Chapter 9The Horse Monumentp. 160
Chapter 10Scientistp. 170
Chapter 11Birds and Flightp. 181
Chapter 12The Mechanical Artsp. 190
Chapter 13Mathp. 200
Chapter 14The Nature of Manp. 212
Chapter 15Virgin of the Rocksp. 223
Chapter 16The Milan Portraitsp. 236
Chapter 17The Science of Artp. 260
Chapter 18The Last Supperp. 279
Chapter 19Personal Turmoilp. 293
Chapter 20Florence Againp. 299
Chapter 21Saint Annep. 315
Chapter 22Paintings Lost and Foundp. 325
Chapter 23Cesare Borgiap. 335
Chapter 24Hydraulic Engineerp. 347
Chapter 25Michelangelo and the Lost Battlesp. 355
Chapter 26Return to Milanp. 380
Chapter 27Anatomy, Round Twop. 394
Chapter 28The World and Its Watersp. 425
Chapter 29Romep. 444
Chapter 30Pointing the Wayp. 463
Chapter 31The Nona Lisap. 475
Chapter 32Francep. 495
Chapter 33Conclusionp. 517
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